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What's Happening With Your Profile?

When you join a site, you typically fill out the necessary information and then promptly forget about it - right? It's easier to just go with what you originally put down then it is to go back to it and rework it later. It's completely understandable - you're busy and this is just one more thing to do.

Last month, we talked about how you can get some really good photos online - how to take them, how to feel most comfortable when you are being photographed and the best types of pictures to put up. You've done that, but does your profile feel as fresh as your new photos?

By now, you've seen the Profile Tips that rotate on the Home page of SilverSingles.com. These tips work! If you implement them, or at least some of them, you'll see a better response in the form of smiles, cards, and email that you'll want to respond to. Keep in mind that everyone is different, but we know that if you take some time on your profile and keep it up-to-date that you'll have more response and more opportunitites to meet people, make friends, and go out.

Here are some tips for updating your profile:

  • Being Unique is Not a Bad Thing
    Everyone is different, and thank goodness for that. No one wants a bunch of clones running around. Make sure that your profile talks about you in such a way that the reader doesn't go "Wait, didn't I just read that over on another profile?" This refers to the "I enjoy long walks on the beach and playing with puppies in the rain" lines. A lot of people enjoy walking on the beach, but why do you? Is it because you like making your own seaweed wraps and you need the freshest seaweed possible, or you love the seashells you can pick up? Explain how you are different and be proud of those differences!
  • Make Your Reader Laugh (Or At Least Smile)
    Every person you meet has a sense of humor. Help your sense of humor shine in your profile. Write down the things that make you laugh, a funny story you heard, your favorite joke. Let people know that a sense of humor is important to you (they say that laughter is the best medicine, you know). If you are able to make someone smile or laugh while they are reading your profile, an email or smile can't be far behind.
  • Be Positive About Your Past, Present and Future
    This may seem like a strange one, but think about it for a minute. Everyone has seen those profiles that start bashing men or women right away. They leave a bad taste in your mouth, don't they? Don't be one of those profiles. This is your opportunity for a great first impression and make sure that you don't waste it. Everyone has their moments when the other gender is the worst thing on Earth, but don't let that be the impression that someone takes away from your profile. Be positive about the experiences you have had, those you are in the midst of, and thost that you will have.

These are just a few of the many tips that are available on SilverSingles.com. The next time you login, click on 'Profile' and update your introduction and your essay.

It's easy to say "I'll update my profile in a few days" and have that few days turn into a few weeks. Remember, along with your picture, your profile is what will grab the attention of a potential date or friend. Give them a little bit of information about you and then hook them with your great personality. Enjoy the time you spend on SilverSingles.com and make your experience more relevant by updating your profile as things happen.

This is your opportunity to meet new people, make great friends, and date special individuals - take advantage of it today. Update your profile now!