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Besides a Photo, What Does Your Profile Need?

We recently completed a survey on SilverSingles.com asking you that very question: "What do profiles need?" While the #1 answer was, "Pictures, definitely," (makes sense, doesn't it?) can you guess what the #2 answer was?

Completed essays!

Not only do members of SilverSingles.com want to put a picture to a name, but they also want to know more about you than just the basic demographic information available in your profile. It is reasonable to assume that if another member looks at your photo and then clicks into your profile, they want to know more about you.

Now that you've put your best face forward with your photos (see April's article: "Is Your Photo As Good As It Could Be?"), it's time to take a look at the answers to your profile essays.

Essays, just like your eyes, can be the windows to your soul. They don't give anyone a full 3-D view of you, but they give snapshots of your character and personality. The essay questions provide you with the opportunity to showcase your great sense of humor and wit, your optimistic view on life and how you like to be treated and treat others.

There's no right or wrong on these essays (thank goodness, right?!), so just be honest and talk about what makes you special. Here are some tips for answering the essay questions on your profile at SilverSingles.com:

  1. Be specific about what makes you tick, what you like and don't like and the type of person you want to meet.
  2. Be honest. There is nothing worse than finding out that the person you started chatting with because of their profile has been lying to you (and everyone else). Be honest in your answers, and you'll find that better connections occur.
  3. Have fun. These essays are not rocket science and are not meant to be regarded as such. Show off your fun sense of humor; or.Be flirty, sarcastic, witty and people will enjoy your profile that much more.
  4. Leave the past in the past. Don't make new friends and connections pay for the mistakes that others have made. Focus your energies on the future and treat each person as a new relationship, not a past relationship reincarnated.

Above all, enjoy your time on SilverSingles.com. Do your part in helping others see how fabulous you are and search out and contact others that are just as fabulous!

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