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Is Your Photo as Good as It Could Be?

What is the #1 way to get noticed on SilverSingles.com? Post a photo to go along with your profile. On SilverSingles.com, profiles that have photos get more than 10 TIMES the response that profiles without photos do.

Now, before you say that people shouldn't just look at the outward appearance, keep in mind that people like to have a face to associate with the username, the words on the Message Board, and the email that is sitting in their box. Photos help to break the ice and make it easier to send that Smile, the Card that's really funny, or the email that just says 'I want to get to know you.'

Photos show off your personality, so make sure that you post photos that really help people see the true you. But what do you do if you don't like to get pictures taken, or you just don't have any lying around your house? Get a friend to help you. Friends can help you feel comfortable and confident about yourself, which helps you when it comes time to flash those pearly whites!

Here are some tips to get a great photo:

  1. Be yourself - get together with a good friend, go out and do something that you enjoy. If you like to climb trees, climb a tree - just make sure there aren't any big branches blocking your face when you get the picture taken. We want to see your face!
  2. Wear something that you like and you feel makes you look great. There's nothing worse than being told to wear a cowboy hat if you hate them, or heels if they hurt your feet. Wear what you like and you'll be more comfortable in front of the camera.
  3. Take a bunch of pictures! You've gotten all ready for the camera, so don't just stop at 1 picture. Take a few pictures doing different things and hanging out with friends, your pets, your kids, whatever. This gives you a variety of pictures to choose from and you are guaranteed that a couple will turn out really well.
  4. Make sure you've got a good headshot. This doesn't mean that you have to go get a professional picture taken, just make sure that one of your pictures focuses on your face. This is your best opportunity to show off those great eyes and that gorgeous smile. If you have photo-editing software but no headshot, crop one of your pictures.
  5. Make sure that you are the star of your pictures - not the big tree you're standing in front of. We all know what trees look like, so make sure that the picture of you isn't taken too far away. A little bark here and there is fine - just don't make us look at the trunk, branches, and leaves of an enormous Redwood all while squinting to make out the person standing at the base.

Here are some photos that illustrate the tips above:

Good Example of a Default Photo - Focus is his face

Bad Example of a Default Photo - What does this guy look like? There is nothing here to say 'This is who I am'

Bad Example
Bad Example
Good Example
Good Example

Remember, being on SilverSingles.com is an opportunity to make great friends and hopefully meet someone that makes your heart skip a beat. Give these people the chance to get to know you - through your words, your notes - and your pictures!