happy as clams

I joined SSM on January 19, 2004 and that very day I received a nice, cordial welcoming mingle mail from a man named gonejunkin. Because of that mingle mail, I took notice of him in the chat room and found him to be a funny, witty person. I began to look forward to seeing in the room. Every once in a while he would send me a little mingle mail, nothing too forward, just a kind hello, that kind of thing. As the months went by, I found myself checking to see if he was in chat and if he was, I was very pleased to go in and chat with him and the other people. In March, I was out of the country for about three weeks, but I would occassionally stop at a cyber cafe...just to check in, give a little travelogue on the board, etc., still hoping to happen on him in the chat room. When I returned, we started talking a bit more intimately which led to talking on instant messenger and on the telephone. Once we made that leap, things progressed rather quickly and on May 22, I flew to New Orleans to meet him. By that time, we were totally involved and in love and the actual meeting didn't change any of that. We visited his family in New Orleans, had a wonderful time exploring the French Quarter (he was born in New Orleans, so he was the perfect guide). We then drove to Houston and he met my sister, then on to the Ft. Worth area so he could meet my children and grandchildren. Now we're both in New Mexico, Once we made that leap, things progressed rather quickly, happy as clams. I truly believe that out of the thousands or millions of people on the internet at any given time, my good fortune to land on PS. PS has brought me the man I have wanted and needed my whole life. I couldn't be happier.


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