Success Stories: 2006

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When we started talking, my world did change instantly

I could never thank you enough Prime Singles for having me meet kevin in this website. Just after a month when I joined Prime Singles, kevmorris4sure sent me his profile. At first I was hesitant to send any form of reply because i read from his profile that he is much much younger than I am. But when we started talking, my world did change instantly. Kevin is coming to the Philippines from UK on September 21. I don't know where it would lead us but I am giving happiness a chance no matter what it costs.

Thanks a lot Prime Singles. I started recommending this to my friends who are singles and those who are singled again.


simplynaive & kevmorris4sure

Distance isn't an issue when you have found the perfect mate

I was only online a week or so when I met my most perfect match. Yes we are on different ends of the country , but the distance isn't an issue when you have found the perfect mate. Thank you Prime Singles for altering the course of my life.


I have found an incredible man

I'm actually thinking of posting a success story here. I don't know where it will go, but I have found an incredible man (username rlin) in Ameda MI (Mon thru Fri at his mother's home due to work). We met last Mon at Put-In-Bay resort area in Sandusky. He drove 168, I drove 108. He is nice looking, attentive, and an excellent communicator. We plan on seeing each other again the weekend of Aug 19 and I am going to meet some of his family and visit his new "retirement home" in Bay Port MI. Today is my birthday and he scouted out my work address and sent me a georgeous extravagant floral arrangement at my office on Fri. Today I received THREE beautiful cards from him, 1 birthday and 1 "Thanking God for an answer to prayer", the second reads "Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and go where your heart takes you". For my part, I am "miss caution" I had so many doubts (thought he has to be married.. thinks he's going to have a quick fling..) but no - this man is a gentleman and says "take all the time you need, I'm not going anywhere" He's sweet.... if he agrees can we post a pic of us together on my site... I'll keep you posted...

joyful1 & Rlin

Dreams really do come true!

WOW! Dreams really do come true! At least they did for us :) Handyman and I (Kuka) met on Primesingles in mid June and hit it off from the start - Now, we are off to Las Vegas to marry on August 5, 2006 - Love - It's the greatest feeling in the world. Thank you to Primesingles for helping Handy and I meet.

Kuka & Handyman

We were each other's "100% Match".

I decided to share my success story, before I leave this site in a few days...

In April 2004 I received a smile from a man who lived 3 hours from me, on the WA coast. We were each other's "100% Match". I replied, we emailed each other for a few days and then I asked him for his home phone number. I was checking to see if he had a wife or a girlfriend. He not only gave me his home number, but also his work and cell phone numbers.

After 3 weeks of 4-hour phone conversations, we knew we had to meet. We decided I'd travel to see him - a 3 hour drive - and spend the weekend. I could stay in a motel, or on his boat or in his motorhome. I opted for the motorhome.

I had a wonderful time that weekend and went home knowing I'd met someone very special. We spent every weekend from then on.

In July of 2004 he asked me to move here. I did so a month later. We bought a house in the woods, just a 5-minute walk to the beach. We are so content here, with our cats, dogs and birds.

I had reached a point in my life where I was pretty sure there'd never be another love in my life. Thank you, Prime Singles, for the love of my life.



We are so in love

Having been a member for just under two weeks, I have found my ideal partner. Paula is everything i looked for in a lady, and we are so in love. She lives in St louis, me in Scotland. Distance is no problem when you care deeply about someone, sooo, a little prompt for those other hopefulls looking. Maybe look a little further and someone from your wildest dreams just might present themselves.
My heart felt thanks to Prime singles, or this web site, nd it's professional touch.
Also a special thank you for all the cards,emails,smiles,and kindness,my new friends have shown,and given me.
From one happy guy in Scotland.
Thank you.


I met the love of my life!

I met a wonderful gentle man, and a gentleman. He is the love of my life. The funny part, we were both on dating sites and never picked each other, and he lives in my town! It was purely accidental and love at first sight. Mind you, both looking on the dating sites, never seeing each other and in the same tiny town! How wonderful can that be.
Thank you for having such a good website. There are wonderful people on Prime Singles, I wish them all the best.
Linda and his name is Kenny


I tiptoed into the dating world

For someone who just tiptoed into the dating world, this site was a great way to test the waters from a safe distance. I smiled, he instantly smiled back, the IM's started and soon the phone calls began! We are both committed to each other for the long term, and feel such a connection to each other. And, we live 200 miles from each other - but that will be changing soon so that we can start our new life together.

The compatibility feature helps, as does the profile information. But, starting the conversations through this format helped both of us start what has become a wonderful relationship!

The most important thing for both of us was that what we listed on our profiles -- was truly the real us. Trust, honesty and integrity are so important. One small piece of advice for all -- keep it real! We were both lucky to have found each other fairly quickly.

Good luck to all!


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