I tiptoed into the dating world

For someone who just tiptoed into the dating world, this site was a great way to test the waters from a safe distance. I smiled, he instantly smiled back, the IM's started and soon the phone calls began! We are both committed to each other for the long term, and feel such a connection to each other. And, we live 200 miles from each other - but that will be changing soon so that we can start our new life together.

The compatibility feature helps, as does the profile information. But, starting the conversations through this format helped both of us start what has become a wonderful relationship!

The most important thing for both of us was that what we listed on our profiles -- was truly the real us. Trust, honesty and integrity are so important. One small piece of advice for all -- keep it real! We were both lucky to have found each other fairly quickly.

Good luck to all!


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