We were each other's "100% Match".

I decided to share my success story, before I leave this site in a few days...

In April 2004 I received a smile from a man who lived 3 hours from me, on the WA coast. We were each other's "100% Match". I replied, we emailed each other for a few days and then I asked him for his home phone number. I was checking to see if he had a wife or a girlfriend. He not only gave me his home number, but also his work and cell phone numbers.

After 3 weeks of 4-hour phone conversations, we knew we had to meet. We decided I'd travel to see him - a 3 hour drive - and spend the weekend. I could stay in a motel, or on his boat or in his motorhome. I opted for the motorhome.

I had a wonderful time that weekend and went home knowing I'd met someone very special. We spent every weekend from then on.

In July of 2004 he asked me to move here. I did so a month later. We bought a house in the woods, just a 5-minute walk to the beach. We are so content here, with our cats, dogs and birds.

I had reached a point in my life where I was pretty sure there'd never be another love in my life. Thank you, Prime Singles, for the love of my life.



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