Success Stories: 2007

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It was clear from the first chat that we had an amazing conn

I wasn't looking for anything special, but found a 100% match in a beautiful lady from California. We are not only on the same page, but the same paragraph and often down to the same sentence. We are not scheduled to meet until February, but I want to give us plenty of time to get to know each other and see what develops. I can't speak for her, but it was clear from the first chat that we had an amazing connection, so if you haven't found someone yet, keep the faith! Prime Singles is awesome...


She is in the same city as me.

I guess I am lucky that she is in the same city as me. I clicked on her and we started chatting. I guess we chatted for about 4 days on computer. I asked her if I could call her, and she gave me her number. Everything went up hill from there. Last friday I took her to a great restaurant. We had a wonderful dinner, talked, danced-- kind of a nice dark intmate place. We stayed about 3 hours, and than to the beach and walked along the shore, talked, talked, held hands, put my arms around her. I took her home around 2am. Saturday nite we went to dinner and movies, but I took her home a little ealier, like 1am. Sunday we went to the beach, took her daughter along too. I passed, daughter approved, he,he. So we will see where things go. I'm hoping for a nice long relationship, maybe even marriage. Time will tell. The way we feel so far at each I think it's going to work.
Many, many, many thanks to you guys your site is great.
Our names on ur site are.....niceguylooking42 and sweetone1942

bob and anna


Girl of my dreams

Thank you so very much for bringing me to the love of my life. Because of you I have met the true "girl of my dreams." She is warm, kind, loving, sharing, caring and forgiving. Our relationship has taken off to heights unimaginable. We have committed ourselves to each other and plan on living the rest of our lives together. Yes, there are wedding bells in the near future. Thanks and to the members of this site. Good Luck.


Graypoet and Velh

graypoet & Velh

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