She is in the same city as me.

I guess I am lucky that she is in the same city as me. I clicked on her and we started chatting. I guess we chatted for about 4 days on computer. I asked her if I could call her, and she gave me her number. Everything went up hill from there. Last friday I took her to a great restaurant. We had a wonderful dinner, talked, danced-- kind of a nice dark intmate place. We stayed about 3 hours, and than to the beach and walked along the shore, talked, talked, held hands, put my arms around her. I took her home around 2am. Saturday nite we went to dinner and movies, but I took her home a little ealier, like 1am. Sunday we went to the beach, took her daughter along too. I passed, daughter approved, he,he. So we will see where things go. I'm hoping for a nice long relationship, maybe even marriage. Time will tell. The way we feel so far at each I think it's going to work.
Many, many, many thanks to you guys your site is great.
Our names on ur site are.....niceguylooking42 and sweetone1942

bob and anna


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