Success Stories: 2009

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I've found My Roses of Romance and my Daisies of Friendship.

Yes, this is very much a success story! I joined Prime Singles in June of 2007 looking for just friendship and even a pen pal or two. It was on the 18th of July when I saw the profile of Diane71732 and I knew I had to at least make contact. I did and she responded with "Let the Adventure begin". We, as all do, corresponded through the site for a bit then it went to e-mail then to computer telephone, with some conversations lasting hours.

It blew me away on how compatible we were. It felt like we had known each forever! Our values and our wants out of life petty much were hand in hand. It was like talking to myself because before the question was asked she knew the answer. Our likes and dislikes were right on even down to peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and Diet Coke.

It was on September 11, 2007 when we declared our feelings for each other! I could not hold it back and I blurted it out. I was surprised the feelings were mutual! Fantastic!!

We have had a real zestful adventure spending most of the time together, living and loving with lots of passion, experiencing life, & traveling between the United Kingdom and America. We have run the gambit between the great times and the sad times. We have been there for each other in all times with understanding and love.

Our love and our happiness would not have happened if not for Prime Singles. You were the medium that brought us together with a lot of "Divine Intervention", bringing us together the way it was supposed to be. We thank you all!

It has been better than two years since our journey started. It has been a year since we applied for the fiance visa, AND it has been 47 days that we have been Husband and Wife (aka Mr & Mrs Grumpypa) September 4, 2009.

I have found My Roses of Romance and my Daisies of Friendship all wrapped up in a beautiful woman. I hope all of your members find what Diane71732 and I have found.

Mr & Mrs Grumpypa

Grumpypa & Diane71732

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