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Jorge Bueso

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About Jorge Bueso

Jorge Bueso is a consumer research and insights expert. Originally from Honduras and now living in Berlin, Jorge is an award-winning researcher and manager with a proven track record of providing actionable insights that propel growth. He has more than 13+ years of experience in teams that inform and guide business & marketing strategies for brands all over the world.

Jorge is now at Spark Networks, a global online dating company that owns some of the most recognizable brands in the industry. He is responsible for championing consumer-centricity across all teams and functions, including leading research projects to unlock growth opportunities and identifying key insights that help shape the business.

Jorge is passionate about understanding how trust is built between consumers and brands with the goal of facilitating connections that offer value for both. He has contributed to publications like AdAge, Estrategia & Negocios, Argus, Atticus Journal. He’s also written for the reputable dating brand, Zoosk, and participated in trade conferences such as GlobalDatingInsights, ESOMAR, Festival of Media, Qualitative Research Consultants Association, among others.

On a personal level, Jorge loves playing and watching soccer (as well as other sports), taking strolls through parks or museums, and enjoying movies and series from a variety of genres and languages.