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Why Online Dating Sites Are the Best Way to Meet Singles Over 50

by Editorial Team

If you’re single and over 50, you might be wondering ‘just where can I meet singles my age?’ Your best bet? Online dating sites. Over-50s are one of the fastest growing online dating demographics, making the internet an ideal place for mature singles to connect. Of course, it helps if you pick a serious online dating site that can support you in your search, a site that can connect you to people looking for a meaningful match. A site that caters specifically for older dating. A site like SilverSingles.

Why try online dating sites?

The benefits to dating online are huge, especially if you’re a more mature single. For starters, when you go online you’re surrounded by other singles – and, if you pick the right site, those singles will also be dating after 50. There’s no need to awkwardly ask your friends if they have single friends (or, god forbid, try looking for love in a bar or nightclub!). Instead, going online gives you the chance to be proactive about your own love life.

Secondly, online dating sites give the chance to get specific about what you’re looking for in a partner. Offline, you might meet someone you like the look of – but you have no way of knowing if your personalities will be compatible. Online, you can bond on a deeper level; connecting with those single men and women you find attractive inside and out.

Of course, you’ll have the most success if you think about the kind of online dating sites that are right for your needs.

Picking the right online dating site for you

The first thing to do when heading online is to think about what it is you’re looking to get from dating. By the time you’re single and 50, you’ve definitely learned what you do and don’t want from love – so write it down, then hunt for online dating sites that can fulfil your needs.

Looking for more casual dating? Look for sites that promote temporary flings. Want a deeper, richer, longer-lasting connection? Then a more serious online dating site is the right fit: you want a place that focuses on personality-based matches by making connections between mature singles a priority. Enter SilverSingles.

Why SilverSingles is the best site for over-50 dating

If you’re over 50, and looking for a serious relationship, then online dating sites don’t get much more fitting than SilverSingles. Our mission is simple: we want to provide a platform where older singles can meet, connect and, ultimately, find lasting love.

So what makes us different from other mature dating sites?

An efficient dating app

At SilverSingles, our members are vibrant, interesting people who just happen to be single and dating after 50. We’ve built our online dating site to match their vibrancy and to fit in with their active lives. Our desktop site is both a great place to connect with people and a source of dating knowledge – we are constantly updating our magazine with the latest expert advice about senior dating.

Additionally, we have built a great dating app, perfect for those who prefer to keep active. Available for iOS and Android, our app allows you the same functionality as our desktop site – without the constraints of being tethered to a desk. Send a message while on a weekend break, update your profile while at the store, upload your new profile pic straight from your smartphone: our dating app can do it all!

Personality-based connections

Like other 50+ online dating sites, we believe that age can be a uniting factor in the search for love. Where we differ is that we don’t think it is the only factor needed for true compatibility.

That’s why every new SilverSingles member starts their time on our site by filling in our insightful personality test. We want to bring you matches that really suit you, and the best way to do that is getting to know what you’re like, and what you’re looking for from a match.

Our test not only looks at your personality, but also asks you about your relationship goals, and what you will and won’t accept in a partner. If your desires include the likes of meeting other divorced singles, or dating an older man, or meeting single women over 50, our test can help us help you to find just such a connection.

Matches brought to you

Another special feature of our online dating site is that we bring the matches to you! There’s no need to pour through a ton of profiles, scrutinizing each one in the hope that they will be a match. Instead, we bring you several match suggestions each day, profiles that we think are brimming with the potential for deep compatibility.

This means that you can sit back and relax – or use that extra time to make your dating profile as alluring as possible! Write something about what makes you great, take some fetching photos, and start messaging the matches you receive. It’s the best way to go from connection, to communication, to compatibility.

A focus on safety and support

A final reason to choose SilverSingles is that we are a supportive dating site who views online safety as paramount. To help ensure our user base is genuine, our Customer Care team manually approves each new person who joins our site, leaving you free to focus on your matches – not your worries.

What’s more, we insist on stringent safety protocols as standard across our site. We use software like Fraud Detection Systems and SSL Encryption to give you peace of mind and to help you to focus on the reason for trying an online dating site in the first place – finding that connection that makes your heart race!

Editorial Team

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