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The Best Dating Sites For Seniors Over 70

The Best Dating Sites For Seniors Over 70

Love doesn’t stop at a certain age, and in today’s digital world, using dating sites for over 70 is one of the best ways to find a partner. Just like happiness, ambition, and curiosity, it matures as it grows. Like a fine wine that definitely gets better with age, finding companionship and love with over 70s dating is simply exquisite. Free dating sites for seniors over 70 are out there, but with a SilverSingles premium membership, your chances at finding love increase due to our unique approach to matchmaking.

So, when it comes to online dating, where do you get started? There are lots of online dating sites for seniors over 70, but which one should you choose? The perfect dating site for local older singles should be easy to use, safe, and understand the wants and needs of the senior dating scene. There’s no use joining a dating site that is hard to use and is too broad to find you the right matches.

Let’s look at some of the most important features you should be looking out for before you jump back into the dating pool. When it comes to senior dating, 70+ year-olds have tons of options.

Safety and Security

Staying safe online is probably one of the biggest priorities for singles over 70. Online dating has become huge in the past few years – especially for senior dating. The PEW research center reported that the amount of over 55+ year-olds using dating websites has doubled in the past five years alone. Unfortunately, dishonest intentions can be a problem online. This is why safety and security should be a key feature for dating sites for seniors over 70 when you’re thinking of joining one.

SilverSingles has produced an entire guide to staying safe online for our members. Safety is our main priority so members can relax and concentrate on finding love without worrying. SilverSingles verifies each and every profile created on our site. So, you know when you’ve been messaged by someone, that person has been checked, and the majority of rogue accounts will have been removed.

We use high-tech data protection, including SSL Encryption and Fraud Detection Systems, to best protect your information. Security is among our highest values, and we want you to feel safe. We protect your data and monitor profiles daily to help avoid catfishes and ensure members’ profiles are active before showing you a potential match. Most free dating websites don’t perform these checks, leaving you with matches from profiles that no longer interact with others. This only increases your chance of finding love further.

SilverSingles wants you to take your personal safety seriously. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your online dating experience.

Make sure the age on the profile matches the picture. We all want to put our best pictures up, but if the profile says 72 and the person’s face looks like they’re in their 30s, it could be a scammer.

Don’t give your phone number, address, email, date of birth, or any other personal information out until you’re ready to meet the member. These pieces of information can be used to hack into other accounts.

Always meet in a public place where you feel safe. Never invite a new person to your home for a first date.

Use a safety person. Tell a family member where you’re planning on meeting, what time you’re going, and any other information that you have about your date. If you go to a second location, let them know.

Do not leave your purse or wallet unattended around a new person.

Navigating the Online Dating Landscape at 70

For people in their 70s, modern dating can be a unique challenge. For one thing, digital communication is much more common than when you were in your forties and fifties. Social media is a much bigger part of the dating scene, even among older adults. And, of course, more and more people are meeting on dating websites like SilverSingles. Here are a few tips to help you find your way around the mature dating scene.

Be Open to Online Dating

When we were younger, we had no choice but to get out there and meet people in public or have a friend introduce us to someone nice. You might be happy to discover that this still happens. You can still meet a nice person at the coffee shop or the concert. However, having an online dating profile also gives you the chance to meet someone while you’re sitting at home. It doesn’t replace public meetings, but it sure improves the odds.

Widen Your Age Preferences

If you’ve only dated someone within a few years of your age, it’s time to consider opening it up a little. In your seventies, it’s not a big deal to date someone ten years younger or older. If the two of you get along, why not?

Decide What You’re Looking For

When you were in your 20s and 30s, your focus may have been on family, career, or stability. Your dating choices needed to make sense for that stage of your life. You’re probably in a different stage of your life now. Figure out what you really want. You may be surprised at how your priorities have shifted.

Dive into Niche Communities for Connection

Many people in their seventies are able to take some time to enjoy life. Whether your hobby is yoga, chess, cycling, reading, or something else, there are bound to be a few other 70-year-olds in the group.

There are, of course, many activities designed for older folks. In some areas, senior events are so prolific and fun that many of the younger members of the community are waiting for the time when they can attend. These niche communities are not only a great place to meet your peers, you can also introduce a potential love interest to them.

Here’s an example. You’re in a photography club, and you meet someone on SilverSingles who has similar interests. It might not be ideal for a first date, but after you get to know them, you could introduce them to your club.

SilverSingles is really one of the easiest and safest dating sites for seniors over 70. Give it a try and see just how many compatible singles live near you. 

Key Features for Top Dating Sites for Seniors

SilverSingles is frequently rated one of the best dating sites for seniors over 50. Here are some of the benefits.

Most members are older adults.

Private messaging allows you to screen potential matches until you’re ready to meet.

It’s an LGBTQ-friendly dating site that allows users to filter the results to match what they’re looking for.

It’s not only free to try, but upgrading to Premium is easy.

There’s an easy-to-complete personality test that allows members to find people with similar interests.

Members are verified, and their profiles are moderated for safety.

You can download the app on Android or iOS.

The system guides members to help them find one another.

Finding someone new can be difficult at any age, but with SilverSingles, you can select from hundreds of older members in your area. Start your free trial today.

Increased Popularity of Over 70 Dating Sites

Just as the PEW study mentioned above states, the concept of online dating for those in their 60s is increasing in popularity, and it’s soaring among free dating sites for over 70+ years, too.

According to Forbes, more than 66% of dating app participants have found a partner. Online dating in your 70s is likely much more accessible than those in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. For those in their golden years, users on dating sites over 70 are much more serious about their intentions and desire to find a genuine, compatible partner.

Smartphones and tablets make the experience easier since you’re no longer tied to stationary computers. Most 70-year-olds are still active in their local communities, so finding love on the go is essential.

The same Forbes article explains that the Baby Boomer generation now has more singles than ever, and the number is increasing. What makes this better for dating sites for over 70+ is that nearly 29% of those surveyed reported having been on a real-life date with a match they found via a senior dating app or website.

SilverSingles is just the app, as we tailor it to the senior community only. You won’t find profiles of college kids looking for fun or those who aren’t serious–just seniors like you looking for a partner.

You can start your journey with our totally free dating site for seniors over 70 before upgrading to a premium membership to see if our platform is right for you.

Ease-of-use and Accessibility

A simple sign-up system and easy-to-understand design sounds like common sense, right? Yet, sometimes, online dating sites can get a tad complex. When you’re looking for over-70s dating, the last thing you want is a confusing sign-up process. Ideally, the best dating sites for seniors over 70 will:

SilverSingles was designed to be easy to use no matter how technologically savvy you are. With separate tabs to view profiles, look at profiles you’ve liked previously, and look at your in-platform messages all at the top of your screen, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Understanding the Senior Lifestyle

Online dating caters for everyone. There are websites that are ‘catch-all’ sites that give you the ability to filter by age, sex, hobbies, and lifestyle, but everyone is welcome to join. Then there are niche dating sites that let you filter just the same, except you’re filtering within a niche category. The best dating sites for seniors over 70 only cater to people interested in senior dating; this leaves out anybody not interested in dating above or below a certain age group. It also means the site has been designed especially for you!

SilverSingles caters to anybody over 50 interested in finding love, companionship, and fun! This means that you’ll only find eligible and interested singles over 50, over 60, over 70, and over 80, so you don’t have to put any work in!

High-quality Matches

So, you found a niche dating site that caters to over 70s singles, but how do you know you’ll find quality matches? Most dating sites for seniors over 70 let users do the searching, and it involves time and effort to find someone you would like to get to know better.

SilverSingles uses a specifically designed personality questionnaire that uses the Five-Factor Model of personality profiling. This looks at your values, interests, as well as any criteria you’d like to add. The whole process takes from 15 to 30 minutes, and afterward, we’ll be able to send you brilliant and well-suited matches. This means you don’t have to do any of the searching; you just have to think of a good opening line to say to your matches!

The Importance of Finding Meaningful Connections & Dating In Your 70s

Finding love, companionship, and romance in your 70s is more important than ever. Some seniors say they begin to feel more lonely in their later years, yearning for someone to share their life with.

Finding a meaningful connection with a romantic partner helps lessen this sense of loneliness, can help ward off depression and anxiety, and adds to your feeling of purpose in life. It also gives you someone to share things with, lean on when you need support, and share your passions.

The National Council on Aging explains that while these psychological benefits are undoubtedly among the most important, there can be positive physical effects, too. Having a loving partner may help lower blood pressure, decrease memory loss, and more.

Most importantly, you can find a partner to start new projects with, go on new adventures, and share intimacy. It’s a great way to add something even better to your daily routine that can bring you great joy.

Join SilverSingles Today

So, now you know what features are crucial to be successful on dating sites for seniors over 70, what are you waiting for? Try our free dating site for seniors over 70 with our basic membership, and upgrade to our premium membership if you want to get into the world of online dating for seniors.

Sign up for SilverSingles today.

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