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Dating a Divorced Woman: 7 Essential Tips

Dating a Divorced Woman: 7 Essential Tips

Dating a divorced woman can be a truly special experience. Oftentimes, dating after 50 involves connecting with like-minded singles who might’ve gone through a divorce. This shouldn’t be a cause for concern though. Rather, it’s a sign that you’re talking to a person with relationship and life experience.

If you’ve recently connected with a divorced woman and are looking for guidance on how to approach the situation, SilverSingles is here to help! Below, we’ve put together some essential tips for dating a divorced woman that’ll help you to foster a real, meaningful connection!

7 Tips for Dating a Divorced Woman

Dating a divorced woman isn’t much different from dating a single woman who’s never been married. There are, however, some important things to keep in mind, especially if you don’t have personal experience with divorce. Follow these seven tips to avoid misunderstandings and strengthen your bond.

1. Be Patient

Breaking up is hard. Getting divorced is even harder. Depending on how long ago her divorce was finalized, she’s likely been through a lot. There was a time when she thought she’d found the one, merged her life with his, and then undid it all.

This likely means she’s going to be — understandably — more cautious and guarded moving forward, so be extra patient and try not to take it personally. It’s not about you. She’s trying to protect herself so she doesn’t get hurt again.

2. Don’t Play Games

Divorced women have no tolerance for games. Zero. They don’t want to waste any time trying to figure out how you feel or what you’re thinking. The moment you string her along, make her wait, or play it too cool, she’ll move on to someone else.

If you like her, tell her. If you want to meet up, organize a first date. Don’t placate her either. If you’re not feeling it, end things and move on. She might be disappointed, but she’ll respect your honesty.

3. Know That It Might Take Some Time to Gain Her Trust

When you’re dating a divorced woman in her 50s, it’s crucial to be mindful of her past. Depending on how and when her marriage ended, she might still be healing from some tough wounds. No matter how much she wants to move on, it might take her a while to fully open up and trust you.

She may never get to a place where she’ll be as open as she once was. This is completely normal and has nothing to do with you. The best thing you can do is be patient and make the effort needed to earn her trust.

4. Respect Her Priorities and Her Boundaries

Divorce can fundamentally change a person’s outlook, attitude, and ways of dealing with stress. If you’re dating a separated woman, she might still be on a journey of change as you’re getting to know her.

It’s important to give her space to be herself, respect her priorities, and adhere to her boundaries. Don’t press her to commit or force your way into her life when she’s not ready. Be patient and in time, she’ll let her guard down.

5. Be Positive

She’s going through a lot right now. She doesn’t want to deal with any drama, fighting, or negativity — she wants to have fun and escape the parts of life. Don’t focus on the bad things or remind her of how difficult her life is. Be positive!

Make her smile, make her laugh, and remind her how joyful life can be. The more positivity you can bring to her day, the more she’ll crave being around you and you’ll be seen as a bright spot during a dark time.

6. Don’t Feel Sorry for Her

Yes, she’s going through a lot, but no, she doesn’t want your pity. When you’re dating a recently divorced woman, the last thing she wants to feel like is a divorced woman. If you treat her like one, she’ll feel insecure and bad about herself.

And, if it’s not working out, definitely don’t stay with her because you’d feel bad ending things. It might sting, but she’d much rather know if you’re not feeling it so she can move on and meet someone else.

7. Accept That She Might Still Regularly Talk to Her Ex-husband

Divorcees keep in contact with their ex-husbands for several reasons. They might have children together, share friends in common or still retain some love and respect for each other despite falling out of love romantically.

If you’re dating a divorced woman who keeps in touch with her ex-husband, that’s her call to make. Embrace her decision and trust her when she says they’re just friends and no longer romantically involved. If it makes you uncomfortable or jealous, this might not be the right relationship for you.

Discover How Special Dating a Divorced Woman Can Be!

There’s no doubt that dating a divorced woman can lead to a long-lasting, meaningful relationship. To make sure you get the most out of a new connection, remember to stay mindful of what she’s been through and stay empathetic about the journey she’s been on up till now.

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