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Elderly Dating Sites – Discover Companionship and More

Elderly Dating Sites – Discover Companionship and More

Today’s generation does not have a monopoly on dating. Sure many people focus on finding a partner in their late twenties and thirties, but the desire to discover new, fulfilling relationships does not have an expiration date. 

Would you be surprised to learn seniors are joining elderly dating sites in large numbers today? A Pew Research Study found the number of senior singles using dating sites and apps doubled between 2013 and 2016 as compared to younger adults. Many seniors find themselves sans a partner later in life as a result of divorce or loss. With grown children focusing on their lives and kids, seniors and baby boomers find themselves with the time and energy to discover new passions. Over 60 singles are joining the masses online by utilizing elderly dating apps to meet people sharing common interests.

Dating Apps for Elderly Singles

Of course, there is not a shortage of dating apps in the United States. Online dating has been a thing for years, but the difference between today’s trendiest dating apps and SilverSingles is the focus. SilverSingles caters to an over 50 clientele, assisting mature singles in discovering passion, romance, and adventure. Some seniors may potentially want to marry again while others might be more interested in finding a partner to enjoy travel, theater, movies, and more with. Instead of combing through a bunch of profiles, SilverSingles puts seniors in touch with compatible singles who went a real, authentic connection.

Seniors Must be Tech Savvy to Date Online

Unlike some peer groups, seniors did not grow up in a world surrounded by smartphones and the internet. Streaming shows, online shopping, and apps for almost everything is a way of life for Gen-Zers and millennials. Many seniors, on the other hand, enjoy today’s technology advances along with traditional joys like talking on the phone and shopping at brick and mortar stores. Joining SilverSingles and setting up an online profile is not hard and doesn’t require a lot of experience with different types of technology. SilverSingles is simple to use and the process begins with signing up with an email address. Once users set up an account, the next step involves taking a personality test and creating a profile. SilverSingles can be accessed via a desktop or laptop, members interested in going mobile with their smartphone or tablet can download the SilverSingles app at the iTunes Store or Google Play.

Discover Elderly Dating Sites Safely

A large portion of online scams target older adults, so it is not hard to understand why some seniors would be skeptical about elderly dating sites. With SilverSingles, seniors can dive into the dating waters with confidence. SilverSingles puts a combined system into effect to ensure the privacy and safety of its users. Through an encryption system and a Fraud Detection System, SilverSingles members do not have to fear of having their personal information stolen or becoming an unwitting fraud victim. Thanks to our security system, SilverSingles members interact with other seniors in search of companionship, friendship, and love in a safe environment.

Sophisticated Matchmaking at its Finest

What sets SilverSingles apart from other dating sites is a twofold approach that targets a particular age group and assists them in finding a match with similar interests and beliefs. SilverSingles’ members are all over 50 adults. We do not pair members randomly. SilverSingles employs a personality test to help match up compatible individuals. Through this sophisticated matchmaking process, SilverSingles members meet other elderly adults that are compatible with them. Everyone’s heard the adage that opposites attract. While this may be true, more than one relationship study points out that people sharing common interests and personality traits stay together. Odd couple matches like the Felix Unger’s of the world with the Oscar Madison’s make for great comedy, but not necessarily long term happiness. Completing the personality test with honest answers helps SilverSingles to match up people with a potential future companion or partner.

 The Importance of Companionship

Companionship remains a fundamental component of a fulfilling life. The dictionary defines companionship as a personal connection between two people sharing common interests. Companionship provides people with a sense of belonging. A Swedish study found seniors lacking companionship in their lives faced a greater chance of developing dementia. Using an elderly dating site like SilverSingles is an easy way for seniors to meet over 60 adults in their area to expand their social network and form fun, meaningful relationships. After completing the personality test, members receive 3-7 matches in their inbox each day, delivering the potential for those important human interactions.

Companionship, Friendship, and More

After chatting online with a potential match, it is time to step out and meet face to face. Since SilverSingles puts seniors in touch with other compatible mature adults, it is easy to arrange a meeting at the local senior center, library, or park. Elderly dating sites provide mature adults with a forum in which to get together with other older adults in search of the same thing. With retirement comes the time to travel, learn a new language, explore different hobbies, or embark on an exciting adventure. As the saying goes, “two is company.” Sometimes doing things alone is amazing and relaxing but in the end, we all crave companionship. 

However, striking up the courage to start a conversation with a new person is daunting at any age. Elderly dating sites and apps provide seniors with a safe and comfortable environment to start talking. The possibilities are endless once the lines of communication open. On SilverSingles, discover a travel buddy or bond with a fellow foodie and explore neighborhood restaurants. If it is romance you desire, join the growing number of mature singles members who have found love online.

Sign up for SilverSingles free today to start meeting seniors in your area and plan your next adventure.

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