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Dating Over 50: When to Kiss and What You Need to Know

Dating Over 50: When to Kiss and What You Need to Know

Whether you’re 15 or 50, wondering when to go for the kiss can be a nerve-wracking experience. The butterflies in your stomach don’t have an age limit, so we’ve come up with a list of tips for dating over 50: when to kiss.

Relationships move at their own pace, so steps like the first date and the first kiss will depend on your personality. Take your cues from body language and be open with your communication and you’ll find the perfect moment for a romantic first kiss.

Should You Kiss on the First Date?

Simply put, there is no right answer – kissing on the first date depends on your connection and personal dating etiquette. Often a kiss at the end of the date can be a welcome and romantic gesture and shows your date that you’re interested in seeing them again. However, for others, it can feel forward, and it may be better to wait until the second or even the third date to ask for a kiss.

When you’re dating over 50, when to kiss on the first date may also depend on how you two met. If you connected online and have exchanged a few messages, you might already feel like you know each other well. If you’re both feeling the spark, ending the date with a kiss can be the perfect way to deepen your connection.

SilverSingles Tip: While kissing on the first date is entirely up to your comfort levels, it’s important to note that it’s no longer the taboo it once was. A study found that “53% of singles over 50 feel it is appropriate to kiss someone after one date”. So, if the two of you fall into that 53%, follow your heart and go in for the kiss.

Dating Over 50: When to Kiss?

Traditionally the first kiss comes at the end of your date, but there can be other romantic moments to show that you’re interested. Finding the perfect time to kiss depends on how well you’re connecting, but it can also change depending on how many dates you’ve already shared.

If you found each other through a dating app for over 50s and your first date is also your first in-person meeting, it’s usually best to wait until the end of the date to go in for the kiss. If this is your second or third date, you may find that the perfect moment arrives right in the middle of your outing. You’ve already had the chance to get to know each other and form a connection, so going in for the kiss while taking a walk or enjoying a glass of wine feels can feel like a natural and comfortable time to move forward.

Read Their Body Language

Simple cues in body language can be one of the easiest ways to tell how someone feels. If you’re enjoying a coffee or dinner together, notice how your date sits. Do they lean into the conversation? If you’re walking together, do they walk close to you? These little signs of intimacy can indicate that your date is attracted to you and enjoys your company. Follow up with a polite and gentlemanly physical gesture – helping with their coat or offering your arm lets you know you’d like to be close while still keeping it first-date appropriate.

Start Slow

Create a feeling of romance and intimacy by slowly building up to the kiss. Throughout the date, try smaller gestures like holding hands or putting your arm around your date. If they welcome these moments, you can explore something closer like gently brushing the hair away from their face.
When you feel ready to go in for the kiss, lead up to the gesture by cradling their cheek and looking into their eyes. This gives you both the opportunity to check in with each other and deepen the romantic moment.

If you don’t feel like it’s the right time to kiss, start by exploring other physical gestures that build closeness. Ending a first date with a hug or a simple kiss on the cheek lets your date know you’re interested, without feeling like it goes too far.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with taking it slow. If you’re serious about someone, let them know how you feel by messaging them after the date to tell them you had a good time and would like to see them again.

When in Doubt, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you’re wondering when to kiss her, the most simple and important way to know is always to ask. Try starting with “I’ve really enjoyed our date; may I kiss you?”. It might feel unromantic at first, but in fact, it can be just the opposite – looking into someone’s eyes and asking if you may kiss them transforms the moment into an intimate and meaningful experience. You don’t have to worry about being abrupt or taking them by surprise – you can take your time to make it feel special.

There is always a chance that your date might say no, but asking first prevents a much more uncomfortable situation. It also gives them the opportunity to explain how they – they might be very attracted to you but may prefer to wait until you know each other better to take your relationship to a physical level. The positive communication shows your date that you value and respect them and that you’re interested in a meaningful relationship.

Remember, while the first few dates can be nerve-wracking, the most important thing is to have a good time. You’ve both decided to come on this date because you’re interested in each other and interested in finding someone to share your adventures. Trust that connection and trust your instincts, and you’ll find the perfect moment to go in for the kiss.

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