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Breaking Through the Fear and Learning to Love Again

Breaking Through the Fear and Learning to Love Again

Frank and I recently spoke at a conference in Tampa, Florida on finding love after loss. After our presentation, a widow in the audience, who has been grieving for four years, said “My dog is the best companion I could ask for at this time in my life. I don’t need or want another man to take care of.”  We laughed and showed her the following cartoon from our book, Open to Love: The Secrets of Senior Dating.

cartoon illustration of a single woman with her dog

Open to Love: The Secrets of Senior Dating | Illustration by John Klossner

Let’s get real here… Dogs do have some positive partnership attributes, including:

1. They will fetch the newspaper 
2. They will greet you at the door with unconditional excitement, day or night
3. They will protect you and keep you company
4. They will sit on command 
5. Their antics can make you smile

However, there are things dogs can’t do that your partner can do, including:

1. Laugh at your jokes
2. Tell you when your fly is down or you have lipstick on your teeth
3. Enjoy your favorite restaurant or television show together
4. Fully support you when you are feeling lonely or rejected
5. Go with you on a double date 

The fact is you can have it all – a dog AND a partner.  

Overcoming Emotional Barriers

While loneliness is the number one mental health problem in America today, meeting a partner online or via a dating app is seldom discussed as a way to deal with being alone. If you are ready to step into the online dating world, the most important thing is knowing who you are today and identifying what you want in a new, mature relationship.  You can start with one important but easy step – write down five things that have worked for you and five things that haven’t worked for you in past relationships.  

Seeking Support and Guidance

More information and tips on dating and finding the next love of your life can be found in our book, Open to Love: The Secrets of Senior Dating, which is now available on Amazon.

Until next time,
Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Frank Powers
“The Golden Dating Doctors”

About the Authors: Two years ago, Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Frank Powers, both nationally recognized relationship therapists, met on SilverSingles and co-authored a new book, Open to Love: The Secrets of Senior Dating, which features their SilverSingles love story as well as tips and tricks on how those ages 60+ can not only survive but thrive in the world of dating.  For more information, log onto

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