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Safe Dating App

SilverSingles is the number one dating app for singles over 50. Whether you’re over 50 yourself or you just prefer to meet mature singles in your area, the SilverSingles dating app is the best way to find what you’re looking for. We have 381,000 new members joining every month and over a million active members at any given time. There is a ton of dating potential out there.


The Most Trusted Dating App for Senior Singles

SilverSingles is not your typical senior dating app to waste time swiping through. Our purpose is to help mature singles find exactly what they want so they can build meaningful relationships. On other dating apps, you will be thrown into a pool with people in your area. You’ll search through hundreds of profiles to find a few that actually match your dating criteria. If you match with these singles, it will have nothing to do with potential or compatibility.

Matching Based on Compatability

This is not the case with SilverSingles. When you sign up for SilverSingles, you will enter your gender, age, and the gender you’re seeking. After you confirm, you’ll complete a multi-point questionnaire. This will allow our computer program to match you with compatible singles. The profiles we show you will reflect not only your preferences but also those of the other members. In other words, not only will you find what you’re looking for, but you’ll be matched with singles who are seeking what you have to offer. For example, if you have strong feelings about education level and religion, your selection may include individuals of a similar faith with college degrees.

Safety is Our Priority

SilverSingles protects the safety of our members in several ways. To begin with, communications on the app are encrypted. That means that bad actors can’t access your information without the encryption key. Secondly, SilverSingles is a closed community, which means that you have to be a member to see other members’ profiles. We screen applicants during the sign-up process. This means that we have fewer fake accounts than other sites. SilverSingles also investigates reported profiles to determine whether or not they have violated our terms of service. If a member violates our rules, we cancel the account.

The app has a messaging option, which allows members to communicate without giving up their personal information.

SilverSingles Gets Results

Our goal is to match singles so they can get off our app and start enjoying life. Other apps attempt to keep members active longer by requiring them to select potential matches from a large pool of singles, which might feel exciting but usually results in many dead ends. SilverSingles’ scientific approach to dating is why so many mature singles come to SilverSingles, fall in love with a compatible member, and cancel their memberships. It’s the price we pay for being exceptional at our jobs, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

How to Create a Safe Profile on Our Senior Dating App

Many of our members have never been on a dating app before. They simply weren’t single until recently. Whether you’re a pro at dating apps or this is your first time, these tips will help you make a safe profile that attracts other members. If you don’t have it yet, you can find the SilverSingles Dating App on the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices. Load the app and start creating your profile.

Use Recent Pictures

The SilverSingles app is for mature singles. No one expects you to look like you’re in your 20s. The best profiles have several recent pictures showing their respective members in different ways. For example, post a closeup that shows your face, a full-body picture, an image of you dressed up for a night out on the town, and maybe a photo that captures you participating in an activity. Don’t use pictures with friends or family members without their permission. Avoid using filters that significantly alter your appearance. Don’t use photos that disclose your residence or place of business.

Be Sincere and Positive

Warm, positive, and friendly profiles do much better than the type where the member airs their grievances. Would you rather read about someone who prioritizes health and fitness or someone who “hates smokers”? Both can be true of the same person, but there are different ways of saying the same thing.

Tell People What You’re Looking For

Our app algorithm does a great job of matching compatible people, but you may have certain wants and must-haves that aren’t obvious. For instance, if you’re a vegan, you may not be compatible with someone who’s passionate about hunting. Many of our members still have children in the home. This may or may not work for your stage in life. It’s important to be forthcoming about the important things.

Tips for Safer Online Dating and Dating App Use

The SilverSingles dating app may be the safest app available for mature singles, but your safety is ultimately in your hands. Here are a few tips for ensuring your safety while using SilverSingles.

Beware of Scammers

Look for red flags when you match with someone. These include asking for financial information, trying to communicate with you on another platform (Google Hangouts, Telegram, and WhatsApp are scammer favorites), and having profile pictures that are just too good to be true.

Check Your Pictures for Personal Info

A lot of people don’t think about the little clues that pictures can reveal about their personal information. For example, wearing a branded work polo or t-shirt can tip a bad actor off to your work address. A picture standing in front of your home could reveal your house number. If you can’t crop out the personal info, use a different picture.

Have a Video Pre-Date

Make sure the person you plan on meeting is the same as the one in the pictures. Set up a quick meet-and-greet on FaceTime or Zoom.

Meet in a Public Place

Public spaces are just safer. Coffeeshops, bookstores, museums, or quiet bars are all great first-date locations. You can always go somewhere quieter once you get to know the other person better.

Use the Messaging Feature at First

The in-app messaging feature allows you to send and receive unlimited messages without having to disclose your personal phone number, email address, or social media.

Let a Friend Know

Check in with a friend from your date via text. Let them know where you are and what the plan is.

How SilverSingles Dating App Compares to Other Online Services

We know that there are many dating apps available on Google Play or the App Store. Some of them even have larger memberships. However, no other app offers mature singles the features we do, including our dating algorithm, targeted searches, the ability to boost your profile, and more. Silver Singles was designed to help people over 50 find meaningful connections. If your not seeking a mature partner for friendship, dating, or more, you might be better served with one of those swiping apps. However, if you are seeking a meaningful connection, download the SilverSingles Dating App on Google Play or the App Store.