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Video Dating: 7 Ways to Get Used to It

Video Dating: 7 Ways to Get Used to It

Video dating can be awkward at first, especially if you’re still not fond of video calls. 

Due to the coronavirus, virtual dating is more popular than ever. It’s a safe and easy way to connect with other singles during the pandemic.

While they’ve been a refreshing way to catch up with friends, you may feel a little nervous introducing yourself through the internet. 

Luckily, there are plenty of great ways to get used to it. Here are some of our favorites.

Our Guide to Video Dating 

Create a cozy set-up

When you’re video chatting with someone, location is key. Choose a quiet space that feels comfortable and looks nice on camera too. 

Make sure to have some water close by in case you get thirsty. Maybe even keep some first date questions or conversation starters at hand if you’re feeling nervous. 

When you feel relaxed, both you and your date will feel more at ease with the situation

Finally, take a deep breath and relax. It’s just a phone call and if it doesn’t go the way you’d hoped, that’s ok. 

Pretend it’s in-person

When you’re preparing for a virtual date, it often feels strange. After all, it’s not like you’re meeting your date in a restaurant or bar, you’re meeting them in your own home! 

However, feeling excited before a date is important. It helps you put your best foot forward.

Our advice? Treat every video date like a real-life date. Choose a nice outfit, get your hair done, do whatever you’d usually do to get you in the mood. 

If you’re a gentleman who’s used to gifting their date flowers, order some to her address in time for your rendezvous. 

Practice video calls

Remember learning how to drive? At the time it seemed scary, but eventually, it became normal. The same is true for video dating. 

Meeting someone over video instead of in-person may feel nerve-wracking at first, but the more you do it, the easier it’ll get. 

Avoid overthinking your date. Remember you’re totally safe. This one date won’t define anything. It’s simply an opportunity to have a good time with some good company.

Be honest about your feelings 

Honestly is always the best policy. 

If you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming video date, there’s a good chance your date is feeling the pressure too, so why not admit that? 

Being vulnerable with your date may feel awkward, but it’s a good idea. Sometimes putting your fears out there helps them to relieve them. 

Better yet? It may even serve as a great icebreaker for your date.

Understand the basics

Video chatting doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so don’t feel embarrassed if you’re not sure how to do it. Operating a camera and setting up a call can take practice.

Instead, ask a friend or family member for advice. Chances are they’ll be happy to talk you through the technicalities.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of setting up a video call, schedule some calls with friends or family first. 

Calling friends and family over video is great practice for video dating. It allows you to see yourself in the camera, decide what background works for you, and feel confident setting up a call.

Remind yourself of the perks

If you’re feeling on edge about an upcoming video date, think about all the perks it has to offer. 

First things first, you’re meeting someone. Studies show that being social does wonders for your health. Due to COVID-19 we all have fewer opportunities to do so, but dating online is as safe as ever.

Secondly, you’re meeting in your home. This takes away the pressure of choosing a restaurant or deciding who should pay for the bill. Think of it as a first date with perks. 

Video dating is a great way to test the waters with someone before meeting them in person. It’s a no-pressure option that allows you to see if you have chemistry with someone, without actually having to spend a whole afternoon with them.

After all, if you have chemistry over the video, you’ll probably have chemistry in person too.

Choose a date activity

Great date activities make dating less awkward and more enjoyable. The same goes for video dating.

There are tons of activities for you and your date to enjoy on the interest that are simple to organize. 

If you’re both music fans, why not watch a live concert together during your call? Or if movies are more your thing, then choose your favorite one and watch it at the same time.

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean we’ve got to give up on dating, it just means we must change how we date for a while. 

Video dating is a safe, simple, and fun way to continue dating during the pandemic, so follow these tips and enjoy!

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