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What Do 50-Year-Old Women Want in a Relationship?

What Do 50-Year-Old Women Want in a Relationship?

Knowing what a mature woman wants in a relationship before you connect can help you woo your next date off her feet and leave a lasting impression. Often, it’s what a mature man wants in a relationship, too. The signs an older woman wants you are likely the same signs you give off to her–but we know that different genders and individuals communicate their desires and needs differently.

Of course, when you’re in the senior getting back into dating, you may feel a little rusty. And that’s okay. No matter what you’re age, if you haven’t dated in a while, it may feeling like getting back on a bicycle. But you’ve still got it! You’re likely looking for signs a mature woman is attracted to you, either via chat and direct messaging or once you meet in person. Before you decide to move forward and take the next step, you want to feel confident in your decision.

Our relationship experts are here to share our knowledge, letting you know what a mature woman wants in a relationship and the signs an older woman wants you. The dating process doesn’t have to be a total guessing game. And with our pre-vetted matches, it’s even easier.

Relationships Evolve with Age

When you started dating, you were learning how to be a good partner. As you got older, you were probably expecting to figure out what women really want, only to discover their needs change through the years! Mature women are secure in themselves, so they’re no longer looking for a “bad boy” to make life exciting or for someone to care for them financially. Women over 50 have different priorities, which is what makes dating them so exciting.

What do 50-year-old women want in a relationship? There are a few things nearly all single women over 50 desire in a partnership. When you bring these things to the table, you’ll enjoy a rewarding relationship with an incredible mature woman.

Why Honesty is Important?

This is a big one. Older women have learned a lot from their previous relationships, and they know what they want. They have active lives and are busy with work, friendships and other interests, and they don’t make time for someone they can’t trust.

The truth they want with a partner is based around emotional honesty: a willingness to share how you feel without making them guess about your level of interest and commitment. In this article, authors Linda and Charlie Bloom say that we can learn to identify, experience and communicate our emotions with our loved ones. Though it’s a skill that comes more easily to some people than others, it’s worth cultivating as you enter a relationship with a woman over 50.

Communication is the basis of honesty and the key to any healthy relationship. It leads to greater intimacy and some enjoyable date nights as you delve deep into meaningful topics together. Those honest conversations will help you build the lasting connection you’re looking for.

What Do 50-Year-Old Women Want in a Relationship? – Fun!

Many women over 50 now have the luxury to pursue adventures they may not have had time for while they were launching careers or raising families. Some are discovering new interests and may be excited to share them with you. There’s a time to cuddle on the couch and watch movies, but you can keep the relationship exciting for both of you by planning unique dates, trying new restaurants, visiting new neighborhoods, and more. With a little creativity, you’ll never run out of adventures, even if you stay in your own city.

Introduce her to your favorite activities and be open to trying hers. Even if she likes something you already know you don’t, be willing to experience it with her at least once. Maybe it still won’t be your favorite activity, but you’ll demonstrate your open-mindedness. She will appreciate that, and you’re likely to enjoy your time with her no matter what you’re doing.

Passion and Romance

Everyone wants to be swept off their feet a little, but that doesn’t mean you need to feel pressured to deliver grand gestures. The romance that builds passion (and sex — we’re getting to that) is present in the day-to-day actions you take with each other. Focus on the simple things: flowers, small surprises, notes, acts of service like running an errand or doing the dishes, compliments and spontaneity are romantic gestures that invite passion into the relationship.

This doesn’t have to be a “honeymoon phase” that ends as you get to know each other and grow comfortable in your relationship. Commit to romance the way you commit to each other, and you’ll enjoy a passionate relationship.

Adult Dating and Sex

Romance and sex are intertwined, but sex requires its own consideration. A healthy sex life starts outside the bedroom with many of the tips mentioned above; as another example, an AARP survey found that 74% of happy couples kiss passionately once a week or more. For some women, sex over 50 is liberating. They’re at peace with their bodies, they know what they enjoy and they’re comfortable asking for it. That creativity and communication in and out of the bedroom become more important than ever as women and men both manage changes in their bodies, lifestyles, and desires. This article by Michael Castleman says it well:

The transition to slower arousal can be disconcerting, but it means that the sexual discord of youth can evolve into new sexual harmony. “Compared with young lovers, older couples are more sexually in sync,” says Dr. Richard Sprott, a developmental psychologist. “Couples who appreciate this can enjoy more fulfilling sex at 65 than they had at 25 — even without erection and intercourse.”

Independence in a Relationship

When young couples get together, they’re basically growing up together, and they tend to build their lives around each other. By the time a woman is 50, she’s built her own life, complete with a home, friendships, and personal passions — and so have you. She’s not looking to replace all that with a partner. Instead, she wants a partner to complement the beautiful life she’s built; she wants someone to share it with. As your relationship develops, she’ll expect you to maintain your hobbies and interests as she maintains hers.

The beautiful part about dating over 50 is having confidence in who you are. Mature women don’t feel the need to change to suit a partner’s interests, and they won’t expect you to change to suit theirs. The person they’ll fall in love with is the person you already are, and they’ll invite you to love them as they are — each of you with decades of life experience, fascinating stories and a deep appreciation for the magic of a truly compatible partner who loves and supports you unconditionally. This is what 50-year-old women want in a relationship.

What 50-Year-Old Women Seek in Love? Intimacy and Connection!

Dating in your 20s and 30s is much different than dating when you’re 50+. In your younger years, it’s likely that you dated casually, maybe with or without the goal of a long-term relationship in mind. Your connections may have seemed more surface-level, based on looks, shared friend groups, or parties. Now, things aren’t quite the same, as women over 50 often want something more serious.

What a mature woman wants in a relationship is a sense of intimacy, deep connection, and a person to spend their older years with. They want a partner who can fit into their established lives while still making every day new and exciting. They want someone they can really talk to–about goals, feelings, and even problems they may face. Emotional connections at this age are extremely important. Intellectual connections are important, too.

Relationships with 50-Year-Old Women

Women over the age of 50 still have hopes and dreams, and getting to know what your partner envisions for themself is a vital part of your relationship. If they’re dating to find love, like you are, the signs that an older woman wants you will often include her sharing these hopes and dreams–with you as a part of them.

At the age of 50, many people’s lives are still just beginning! Now that the kids are settled and likely on their own, careers are established or coming to a close, and people know what they want out of life, they’re ready to embark on their journeys of passion.

This might mean globe-trotting. It might mean moving to a new part of the country. Or, it might simply mean that they’re looking for a partner to share their existing routines with.

Each woman’s hopes and dreams will be different. Talk to your partner and ask them lots about what their vision is for the future. When they start using the word “we” more in these conversations, it’s one of the signs a mature woman is attracted to you.

Navigating the Needs and Wants of 50-Year-Old Women

You know that 50-year-old women want fun, passion, romance, sex, independence, and a partner who shares their hopes and dreams. Finding someone comfortable enough to explore all these things is a treasure. Once you do, you and your partner can feel empowered by the sense of something deep and committed. By understanding the needs and wants of women of 50 in the dating pool, you can look inside yourself and see that they’re likely similar to what you’re seeking.

The easiest way to navigate dating a woman over 50 is always to remain open and honest. Be straightforward and get to the point. While playing hard to get and coy in your younger years may have seemed like a fun game, that’s no longer the goal.

Often, things like this can turn a mature woman off, as she’s ready to find something real without wasting time. Signs a mature woman is attracted to you will be plain to spot. She’ll often message, text, or call you frequently. She may be busy, but she will always respond when she can!

Next, signs a mature woman wants you to include her initiation to make plans. While she may be waiting for you to make the first move, don’t be surprised if she invites you to do something first! She knows what she wants, and she’s going after it.

When meeting in person, signs a mature woman wants you will include more intellectual signals. In the getting-to-know-you stage, there will be the usual “What do you do?” “Where are you from?” and “What are your hobbies?” type questions. But as you progress, conversation topics will get deeper as she explores the inner you. Questions about your future, where you see yourself, and how you want to spend your golden years will often come into the mix. These are good signs.

Women who are interested in you will also be extremely thoughtful! Small things like asking how your day was, how a trip went, or how your child is doing shows they care. Offering to help you with something, asking if you want someone to come along on an outing, and more are all positive signs.

And remember the physical signs a mature woman wants you. She’ll often act playfully, touching your arm or leg during conversation as you laugh together and initiating kisses, hugs, handholding, and sex! And if you’re still unsure trying to navigate the relationship, the best thing to do is ask! Sometimes, we send signs that we think are crystal clear, yet the other person doesn’t immediately pick up on. If you’re uncertain, ask your new partner how they’re feeling about you and your relationship so you know how to move forward together.

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