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15 Genuine Signs that She Likes You: Read the Signals

15 Genuine Signs that She Likes You: Read the Signals

When you’re in the early stages of dating, it can be hard to interpret the signs she likes you. Learning how to read the subtle messages that point to you being more than friends gives you insight into whether it’s the real deal and allows you to move forward appropriately. SilverSingles deciphers the signals for you, helping you know if she just wants to be friends or is interested in something more romantic.

Signs She Likes You: Body Language Clues That Say She’s Interested

Interpreting the body language of attraction is one of the most reliable ways to glean an understanding of how your date really feels about you. Whether you’re over 50 or just starting out on your first dating experiences, body language never lies! Here’re the top-secret clues to look out for when you’re wondering if she likes you.

Lean in

It’s often subtle, but if you notice that she is inching closer to your personal space, there’s a good chance she’s into you. Leaning towards you and reducing the distance between the two of you are classic tells.

Primp and preen

Preening gestures are a noticeable tactic to catch your attention. If you see her playing with her hair, touching her neck, or reapplying lipstick, she isn’t being vain. Rather, it’s a somewhat primitive preening display to catch your eye.

It’s in the feet

An easy-to-miss sign that she likes you is in her feet. If she moves into a position that her feet and shoulders are pointing towards you, you can relax and up the flirt quota. It’s an inconspicuous sign of attraction.

Making eyes

If you’re not yet sure, making and holding eye contact is one of the signs she secretly likes you. Coy glances, sustaining eye contact and dilating pupils are all signals that she’s into you. Pay attention to her eyes – it’s true, they are the window to the soul and her heart!


Touch is a give-away signal of attraction. From a gentle arm brush to a sweet pat on the back, reaching out and touching you, even in a fleeting moment, is a flashy clue that her body language is showing you signs she likes you more than as a friend.

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The Obvious Signs She Likes You

Not all the signs she likes you are so subtle that they need to be decoded. Although women do retain a certain air of mystery, sometimes the signals that she puts out are an obvious indication of her interest, and you only need to tune in your antenna!

Q & A

If she genuinely wants to know more about you, take it as a sure-fire sign that you’ve intrigued her and roused her curiosity. This includes remembering personal details you have shared with her and asking you more questions. Interest is a high form of flattery!

Pleasing and teasing

Is she playful when she’s interacting with you? Does she tease you about anything, from your favorite sports team or to what you’re wearing? Teasing and joking helps to build intimacy and a connection between the two of you. It’s a go-to tactic in a women’s flirtation tool kit.

Gaggle of giggles

Is she laughing at your jokes? Finding you funny is an obvious sign that she likes you. Research has shown that women value a sense of humor highly in a partner, and it consistently ranks up as one of the top three traits in a partner. If she’s finding you funny, you’ve probably impressed her.

Future fun

An obvious hint that she would like to see you again is mentioning an upcoming event or perhaps an activity which could be fun to do. This is your moment to shine, step up to the plate and suggest you do it together!

Don’t deny the reply

Today the most common form of communication is often text messaging. An obvious confirmation of her interest is replying to your messages quickly and in a manner that encourages you to send another, opening the door for continued contact.

The Subtle Signs She Likes You

Sometimes your date may play a more understated game, keeping her cards close. In this case, look out for the more subtle signs that she likes you. Reading the language of attraction is nuanced and can require you to look a little deeper.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

An often-unconscious sign she likes you is mirroring your body language. When people like someone, they often emulate each other. It builds trust and encourages the feeling of being in sync. Watch out for a similar tone, pace of talking and body positioning.

Attention to mention

When a woman gives you her full attention, it can feel like the sun is shining on you. Concentrating and engaging fully with what you’re saying is a strong indicator that she is interested. This means her phone is away, she isn’t multi-tasking and simply focusing on you.

A show of nerves

Nerves can also be a tell-tale sign that she likes you. Does she blush easily, is she a little out of breath, or speaking in a higher-pitched tone? Make sure to look out for these subtle signs she likes you, it’s the butterflies of attraction coming out to play.

It’s getting personal

Sharing personal information with you is a way of inviting you into her life and indicating she’s open to you getting to know each better. It’s a more substantial signal of her interest in you. Did she share a special childhood memory or maybe her favorite food – lookout for the personal titbits!

Devil is in the detail

Look out for her dropping hints that she’s paid close attention to what you’ve told her. Does she remember a small detail you have mentioned before? It can be something as insignificant as you don’t like olives, but demonstrating that she remembers is her telling you she likes you!

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What to do With the Signs She Likes You – Take Action

So what should you do if you’ve now figured out that she does indeed like you? Well to put it simply, take action and kickstart your romance into motion.

Follow up after your date:
Send a message or make a phone call, either way, tell her that you had a nice time with her.

Lockdown your next date:
Don’t lose the momentum and get the next date in the calendar as soon as possible.

Get to know each other:
Keep up conversation while you wait to see her again and start building your relationship and connection.

Compliment her:
A little bit of flattery will go a long way towards encouraging the romance.

Just go for it:
Nothing ventured, nothing gained! If you know she likes you, go ahead with gusto and enjoy the excitement of a new relationship!

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