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Love Never Gets Old: Post-Pandemic Insights on Mature Online Daters

Love Never Gets Old: Post-Pandemic Insights on Mature Online Daters

Can you have more than one soulmate?

The idea of soulmates has existed since Eros and the rest of the Greek gods ruled the human psyche. Whether younger or older, more Americans now believe in the idea of soulmates. Even though divorce rates are declining for younger age groups, the older cohorts have seen an increase.

For the latter, who have already lived a full life and now lack “their other half” for whatever reason, the question of finding someone else is existential to enjoying the next stage of their lives. After pandemic-induced lockdowns, the 50+ online daters need support in that process. This begs the question: Is Eros capable of providing it?

I recently went to a museum and came across an Eros painting. A few weeks later, while visiting a different museum, I stumbled upon an Eros statute. It was interesting to notice that — whether in paintings or statues — he’s portrayed in a very specific way.

After conducting some research, my suspicions were confirmed. Eros is typically represented as a relatively young adult, rarely is he ever shown as being over 30. There was also a phase where he was portrayed as a mischievous child, a babe even. I asked several family members, who’re single and in their late 50s and mid-60s, if they’d take advice on love or friendship from a 28-year-old. I also asked if they’d take it from a 5-10-year-old. I think you know what their response was!

Control Your Destiny!

Younger online daters are good at communicating via digital tools. They’re constantly demanding more innovations and Eros has willfully provided them. Ironically, messages using alphanumeric characters are being replaced by graphic symbols and emojis that would make the painters at Lascaux proud. Whether it is audio prompts, videos that disappear after a set timeframe, or AR/VR dimensions, they’re utilizing evolved states of exchange that are a far cry from the pen and paper and rotary phones used by older cohorts in their youth. Communicating with potential romantic partners or companions, however relevant to the 50+ online daters, is not the experience that’s most relevant to them.  

This generation is not native to a digital world. They’re cautious of an environment where identity is at times as interchangeable as the outfits on a catwalk during fashion week or in an epic battle royale on Fortnite. Older cohorts usually spend more of their time searching and gathering information on profiles rather than exchanging messages.[1] They also tend to only use 1-2 online dating services, significantly less than younger cohorts[2], and are more inclined to pay for their use.[3] 

These behaviors describe an online dater that would prefer to avoid playing games. One that knows exactly what they need/want and is willing to dedicate their time and money to finding the right person to share their future with. And, more importantly, someone who understands that love never gets old. 

Rediscover Romance (Or Companionship)

If Eros is serious about expanding his scope with online daters, beyond the younger generations that think and act like him, a change in approach is needed. As this isn’t the first opportunity to find love or friendship, Eros requires a partner who fully understands what 50+ online daters are looking for.

Their tolerance for messing around is low. Constant reassurance that they’re protected — through robust verification processes or vivid profile images, audio, or videos — needs to be fulfilled to build trust. They’re quite optimistic about the future and need to know that the full breadth and diversity of opportunities in love are achievable. 

One partner that Eros can rely on to help 50+ online daters is SilverSingles. It understands that 50+ online daters are driven by the goals they’ve set out for themselves in this next stage of their lives — a stage where age is just a number, and their youthful mindset propels them to live life to the fullest. Although a plethora of relationships is possible, the matching technology used by SilverSingles focuses on connecting like-minded 50+ singles based on the values that matter most to them. A space where neutralizing feelings that they are exposed, foolish is the top priority. 

Eros, with the support of SilverSingles, would present himself as a true relationship partner to 50+ online daters. One that’s composed, levelheaded, and strives to find like-minded souls just like them. Rediscovering romance (or companionship) that’s rightfully yours is possible with us.

Sign up on SilverSingles today to get started! 

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