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7 Tips for Finding Love After Divorce

7 Tips for Finding Love After Divorce

Divorcing your partner can be a strange process, but finding love after divorce is possible.

Breaking up with a spouse can mark the beginning of a new chapter. So instead of focusing on what you’ve left behind you, focus on the opportunities ahead of you. 

This is your chance to create a life that makes you happy. Here’s our take on how you can find love again.  

Our Guide to Finding Love After Divorce

Make sure you’re ready

It’s often tempting to distract yourself from your divorce by jumping into the dating world, putting yourself out there, and meeting new people straight away. 

However, if you jump in too soon, you may bring yourself more harm than good.

Take time to decide if you’re ready to start dating after divorce. Consider what you want to gain from dating and define boundaries for yourself. 

When you’re finding love after divorce, protecting your heart is important.

Redefine your type

If you’re interested in finding love after divorce, it’s important to consider what, or who, you’re looking for.

Are you looking to date a divorced man or woman who’s been through a similar experience to you? Do you have a type of person you usually go for? How has going for that kind of person served you in the past? 

Your type may have changed quite a bit since you were the last single. What you want in a relationship today is probably quite different now that you’re older. This isn’t just normal, it’s healthy! 

If you always go for the same kind of people, you’ll always get the same kind of relationship. 

Don’t be afraid to widen your restrictions. Be open to meeting new kinds of people. What have you got to lose?

Take things slow

There’s no one set amount of time you should wait before you start the process of finding love after divorce. Everyone’s journey is different. 

However, we advise going slow when you’re dating, particularly at first. Avoid jumping into a relationship after just one date. Spend time getting to know what you like and dislike. You set the pace!

One day, you’ll wake up and know that you’re ready to meet someone new. That day won’t come quicker by forcing yourself into situations you’re not ready for.

Be honest with your kids

If you have children, you might wonder when and how to tell them that you’ve started dating again. 

While honesty is the best policy, sharing every detail about your love life with your kids might not be the best idea.

If your kids are adults, they can probably handle the idea of you moving on. Maybe they’ll even encourage you to do so. 

However, if they’re young, then timing is everything. So be open about the fact that you’re dating, but be mindful about introducing them to new people. Regularly remind your kids that they come first and that nobody will ever change that.

Try online dating

Are you nervous because you’ve never tried online dating before? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. 

Using dating websites is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s simply a way to meet real genuine people who are looking for love. It no longer has the stigma that it once did.

Tons of online dating platforms cater to singles over 50. To get started, simply choose one that suits your needs, create a profile and begin speaking with others on the site. 

You can limit the other users you see so that they’re of a certain age or have similar hobbies and expectations to you. 

You can use online dating as much or as little as you like, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed. It’s the perfect tool for those who’re finding love after divorce. 

Focus on yourself

Going through a divorce can be draining and demanding. Now that you’re at the otherside of yours, it’s time to focus on what you want. 

Spend quality time with yourself, treat yourself, and take up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try. 

You can still go on dates and meet new people, but make an effort to put yourself first. Make sure your needs are met. 

Filling your time with things you love will make you a happier person, and in the long-term, a better partner.

Trust your gut

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when something feels off? Listen to it, because it’s usually right.  

If someone’s online dating profile seems too good to be true, it probably is. If it seems like someone is hiding something from you, they probably are. Trusting your gut is key to dating safely, particularly online.

If a relationship isn’t serving you, don’t feel let down, just move forward. There are plenty of wonderful people out there who are looking for love, all you have to do is meet them. 

Divorce is a difficult process to go through, but it happens, and finding love after divorce can be a real adventure. 

If your heart is open, you’ll make special connections and this time around, you’ll be wiser. Good luck!

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