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How to Take a Good Profile Picture: 8 Essential Tips

How to Take a Good Profile Picture: 8 Essential Tips

Profile pictures are like first impressions, they matter. That’s why, when you’re dating online, learning how to take a good profile picture is key. It’s the first insight that other daters get into who you are, what you look like, and what you have to offer. 

However, learning how to take a good profile picture isn’t always straightforward. But, the good news is that taking a great photo of yourself isn’t impossible, it just takes practice. So here are a few tips that’ll help you create an eye-catching shot shot for your profile.

Our Guide on How to Take a Good Profile Picture

1. Choose a recent picture 

While choosing a gorgeous photo from twenty years ago may feel like a good idea at first, it’s probably not the best game plan. Think of it this way: You’re dating online to find a relationship. Do you want to start your romance by being dishonest on your profile?

Honesty is always the best policy, even if it feels a little daunting at first. Showcasing yourself inaccurately online will only lead to more difficulties further down the line.

So shelve your photos from the years gone by and choose a recent photograph. Don’t worry if you feel that your appearance isn’t what it used to be, we bet that your matches will find you attractive just the way you are. 

2. Remember to smile 

This isn’t a passport photo — it’s a dating profile, so remember to smile! While it may be tempting to pout or strike a serious pose, we advise smiling in your profile photo. 

Smiling doesn’t just help you appear friendly, attractive, and approachable, it makes you seem more dateable! According to online dating experts, smiling in your profile photo makes a huge difference to other people’s first impression of you. 

So next time you’re in front of the camera, think of something funny and show off those pearly whites!

3. Wear a great outfit

Whether you’re a total fashionista or you’re indifferent towards clothing, wearing the right outfit in your profile photo matters. Everyone has their own sense of style, that’s what makes us all unique! So don’t feel pressured to wear something you normally wouldn’t just to appear a certain way. 

Instead, go for an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, something flattering that helps you feel like the best version of yourself!

4. Avoid group pictures 

While it can be a good idea to include some group photos in your profile, it’s best to avoid having one as your main image. Sure, it’s nice to showcase that you have loving friends and family, but this is your dating profile! It should be personal. 

In your profile photo, you want the focus to be on you. This is your chance to shine and showcase what makes you special. So let yourself be the center of attention here!

5. Look approachable 

Pretend you’re at a bar, trying to get the attention of someone on the other side. You wouldn’t walk over there with a frown and try to look intimidating, so why would you do that in your picture? 

Approachable people are easier to speak to. It’s not about seeming superior. Instead, focus on showcasing friendly body language. Then, choose a photo that makes you look like you’re someone who others would like to have a conversation with.

6. Avoid wearing sunglasses

You can tell a lot about someone by the expression in their eyes, so make sure you can see yours in your photo. Go for a picture where you’re not overly squinting or wearing sunglasses that’ll block your eyes. 

7. Make sure your photo is clear 

When you’re figuring out how to take a good profile picture, half the battle is taking a photo that’s good quality. That means that you need a phone with a good camera or else an actual camera.

We advise against using a filter and suggest steering clear of any images that are blurry or poorly lit. Photos that are high quality stand out. They help you to appear sincere, and approachable and are far more likely to catch the eyes of other singles. 

8. Have fun with it 

It may seem like a cliché, but it’s true. When you’re wondering how to take a good profile photo, remember to have fun. Taking a good profile photo shouldn’t be a dreadful experience, it should be enjoyable! So instead of getting bogged down and concentrating too much on your appearance, focus on having a good time instead.

How to Take an Amazing Profile Picture

While your physical appearance is only part of who you are, it’s going to be the first part that people see, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward. These tips will help you produce amazing, accurate photos that will help you match with other members. 

Lighting Tips for Flattering Profile Photos

Lighting can make or break your photo. Even with modern editing tools, it’s hard to beat taking pictures in favorable lighting. As we get older (40s, 50s, and beyond), the minor flaws and wrinkles in our faces become more apparent. These features add character and give us a distinguished look.

However, if you use harsh lighting, it can make minor lines and wrinkles appear deeper than they actually are. 

Outdoor Lighting

If you’re taking a picture outside, use shade to allow the ambient light to wash over your skin. Try to never take a picture in direct sunlight or, even worse, facing the sun. It will wash out your skin, and you’ll probably be squinting in the picture. Stand under a tree, on a porch, or near some other overhang. 

Indoor Lighting

We recommend a soft light for indoor photos. If you are in a room with intense lighting, use a dimmer switch. Fluorescent lights are a great source of task lighting, but they accentuate almost every flaw. If you don’t believe this, look at your face in the mirror next time you’re in a department store changing room where fluorescent lights are common. 

Filters for Light Softening

We usually don’t recommend filters for profile pictures because they can set unrealistic expectations when you match with another member. But if you do have a photo you like that has too much light, you can darken it a bit with almost any digital phone app, including the standard features on an Apple or Android phone. 

Editing Secrets for a Polished Profile Photo

You’ve probably seen apps that can make you look like anything from a space alien to a Viking princess. These AI-generated images can be a lot of fun, but we don’t recommend using them for your profile picture. You can, however, use photo editing to deliver the best version of yourself. Here are some ways to edit your photos without changing your physical appearance. 


You’re probably familiar with cropping photos by now. Every basic photo editor has a cropping feature. This can be useful when you have something in the background of your picture you’d rather leave out. For example, you have a great photo at your company holiday party, but the name of the business is clearly visible in the background. You can crop this out to preserve your privacy. 

Auto Adjust

If you feel a little lost with all of the photo editing features of your phone, there’s at least one you should learn. Most phones have a one-tap quick edit that will sharpen the photo, adjust the lighting, and tweak the color. It’s not a filter that can change the way you truly look. It just improves the overall quality of the photo. 

Remove Background 

If you’ve ever taken a perfect picture in front of an ugly background, you can remove the background with a background eraser tool. If this isn’t built into your phone’s photo app, you can easily find a free third-party app that will do the trick. Then you can put yourself in front of whatever background you choose. 

Blur Feature 

Again, some version of this is available on your built-in phone app or via a third-party app. We often recommend that members include group photos in their profiles to show themselves in a natural setting. If you have people whose faces you would rather not show, you can use this feature to blur them out. This is particularly handy if you have children in your pictures.

There are many other apps you can use to clean up your photos and make them look better. Play around with them and see what you can come up with. 

How to Test and Select the Ideal Profile Photo

What if you have a handful of pictures, but you aren’t sure which ones to put in your SilverSingles profile. You can always ask your family and friends which ones they like best. It’s always better to give them two or more to choose from as opposed to asking them about an individual photo. For example, you can show them two headshots and ask which they like better. You’ll get a more honest opinion this way. 

If you find that your profile picture is not getting much traction, switch it out with a new one. Your profile should include multiple pictures in any case. Just make sure that your best one is your featured image.

Dos and Don’ts of Profile Pictures 

Follow these dos and don’ts to ensure online dating success.

Profile Picture Dos

Use pictures of you in natural and everyday settings. Your pictures shouldn’t look like passport photos. 

Include several pictures.

Have pictures that show your face and body. 

Use photos that you’ve taken in the past year or so. There is really no excuse for having to use older photos. 

Profile Picture Don’ts 

Use filters in a deceptive way. This is sure to backfire on you when you meet in person.

Use pictures that are more than a year or two old without disclosing the date they were taken. 

Include pictures of friends and family members without their permission. 

Post pictures that disclose personal information. For example, a picture of you with your work ID visible.

We understand that the temptation to use favorable photos can be overwhelming, but if your goal is to find someone to start a relationship with, you need to be honest with yourself and others about how you look in real life. If you’ve recently had a weight gain of 50 lbs, it’s unfair to your potential matches to post pictures that were taken before that. You can always update your pictures as you go, so don’t feel like posting a profile pic is a permanent commitment. 

Discovering how to take a good profile picture may feel intimidating at first, but, with practice, it’ll feel far less daunting. Next time you want to update yours, relax and take a look at this guide before you grab your camera.

Remember, looks only go so deep. Your best possible match will be attracted to you for who you really are. 

Why wait any longer? Embrace the chance to discover the connection of a lifetime by joining SilverSingles senior dating app today.

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